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Looking for definitions

I have been looking for a good descriptive definition of Biblical marriage. I may not know where to look, because I haven’t run across it yet. So I have been working on one of my own. I would like to submit it for discussion. Go ahead and discuss, won’t hurt my feelings. :cry:

Biblical Marriage

1. Does not require government and/or religious authority or pronouncement to be valid in God’s eyes.
2. Reflects the relationship of Christ and His churches, not contemporary social partnerships.
3. It is organized by God with the husband being the head of the relationship, with the wife being his helper in his calling and tasks.
4. Allows for the man to husband more than one wife at the same time without mandating plural marriages for each man.
5. The husband’s authority is rooted in loving, Christ-like leadership.
6. The wife’s glory is in her loving, submissive support of her husband, as her service to God.


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