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kids between two rocks

..my aunt has two kids. His husband is in jail, she’s out of the country working. The guy called her mother to get the two kids from us they’ve been with us for 3 years..Informing my aunt we gave the kids to them without hearing anything from our side..Now here comes the trouble they’ve been throwing issue’s on us that the mother of the kids are sending money to us and we’re not giving it to them while the truth is my aunt said when she called that she wont send money for kids under their care..they dont want the kids to come to us, they even dont want the kids to accept anything from us..the youngest had a fever since last week, last July 2 it was already 10 in the morning the kids were not able to have their breakfast..they even gossiping my mom to be the one who find a job for my aunt making it as an alibi to have them separated which in fact my mom was just informed by her that she’s leaving for another country to have a job and processing her passport already she’s already 40 how could my mom do that she had a mind of her own to influence her to leave his husband..my grandma is old she’s been supporting my aunts family, the two kids are growing, husband in jail with all the vices stuck on him and hitting her wife when drunk..We never knew that if not her daughter at age 5 told us.. Im just sad that the kids are goin through all this trouble they wont even allow them to go to our granny, she asked the mother of the guy if she could bring the kids with her for a week and have the younger one have a check up but they wont allow my granny..they even call the kids by names and letting the kids and saying to the kids profane words..well, their mom is planning to get them back by next year whether they like or not..if she needs to get her children without letting them know she’ll do that that’s what she said when she called us..hopefully situation will change.. :cry: :cry: :cry:


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