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I was watching this show on EWTN and there was this group of people that spent money researching how to get women not to choose to get abortions.

And they explained that getting women to intellectually realize that abortions are murder was usually ineffective.

So they decided to research how to use videos that worked on an emotional level, to get women to decide not to get abortions, more subtly instead of directly.

(If I remember correctly they gave examples like a woman fire fighter rescuing a baby from a burning building, was a video they used near the time of September 11)

If I remember correctly they would show the videos and than poll women about their beliefs about abortion or how willing they would be to get an abortion if they were to get pregnant (or something like that), after watching the videos.

They said that an emotional approach appeared to be more effective to reach to women than an intellectual approach, based on the results.

So that people do not accuse me of being sexist I would like to point out that I am not trying to stereotype all women, by blindly claiming that all or most women behave the same way as the women who I have known a significant amount of time. Also it is fact that men and women are different, so it is okay to discuss that men and women might be different.

Throughout my life, I have noticed that if people use emotions as a primary means to try to determine truth and morality and as a means to make decisions it can have very disastrous results.

I also noticed that most women (who I have interviewed about how they make their religious decisions and known a long enough amount of time) seem to make their religious decisions primarily on emotions

I noticed that most men who make their religious decisions primarily on emotions tend to go down a bad path.

It seems that if I try to explain the truth to a man intellectually it sometimes works fine, but if I try to explain the truth to a woman intellectually, they tend to have a negative response…


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