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Didn’t one version of the John Lennon song Imagine contain a line: imagine there’s no commentaries on marriage and divorce? I dunno, maybe.

Just think for a moment where we’d be if there were not all these ideas connected to the passages that are usually refererred to as MDR or marriage divorce & remarriage.

There are so many little man made ideas that have been repeated so often that they seem almost a part of the biblical texts themselves. And to question them is tantamount to questioning the words of Christ.

But if you should feel so daring today, I invite you to step into the world of the iconoclast for a few moments. And let us examine but one of several of these concepts that may not actually be rooted in the teachings of Christ but rather within the imaginations of men.

The psalmist speaks praise for the blessed man that meditates upon God’s law day and night. Ps 1:2. With that in mind, I’ve looked at the four places in the gospels known as MDR and have a question regarding the notion of living in adultery.

To preface my question: We’ve heard the zealous preacher and his condemnation of those that live in adultery and the usual sequence of events that led up to this perpetual state. First there was what is known as an unscriptural divorce. What followed that was an unscriptural remarriage. And with both of those events accomplished, the man and woman are carrying on in adultery that does not end until they either divorce or sleep in separate beds.

Now when the proponent of this teaching is pressed for scriptural support of his hypothesis, he will inevitably point to the MDR passages. And he will offer his subtle paraphrased version of them as if they are written like this: Whososever has put away his wife and has married another doth commit adultery. But that is not the actual verse(s). It looks pretty close to what the MDR verses say but is in fact a revision. Lets look very closely at the verb tenses in the ACTUAL verses. Let us ask of t…


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