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I’m currently a housewife, not happily married. Looking for a change. Since becoming a housewife 7 years ago, I’ve discovered how lonely it is. What I’ve been craving all these years are some people to share the endless chores with, people to talk to. I just discovered this forum, before today I didn’t know there were people practicing this lifestyle (except for some groups that have broken away from the Mormon church).

So here are my main questions:

1) I thought this practice was illegal? Is it or isn’t it? If it is, how do you get away with it? I’m vaguely aware of at least one man going to jail for something related to this?

2) Are the men wealthy enough to support their wives and children, or do the women need to earn incomes to help support the families too?

All in all, I think it would be a beautiful lifestyle. Not every woman would agree, but I’m one that does.


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