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Thank you to all who prayed and supported us during this whole arm break surgery thing. It is far from over, but the final arm cast is off, and I can type again (barely). I still have lots of pain, and the metal plates and pegs are really creepy stuck into my arm.

Anyway, hello to all the new people, miss you to all the old friends, and I hope that we make it to the next retreat. Should be able to without a problem.

On a side note, now that I am old enough, I think I will retire. I am planning on still contracting when any old customers call for work, but most retirees do stuff on the side anyway. With our God-sustaining lifestyle (most people call it self-sustaining) we don’t need a bunch of money. It is amazing what you can do with a small garden, and living within your means. So, if anyone needs help with anything, as long as I can get there, and you have somewhere for the 6 of us to sleep, we are ready to help with that barn raising, house painting, or whatever.

We are looking for an RV that we can drive around and live in when we are away from the homestead helping our brothers and sisters. If we can get one and fix it up, we can travel a little and help without needing to be accomodated.

The kids are doing well, Dee Ann is great. It is good to be back.


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