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Identical twins are about 1 percent of the population. I know that there is little reliable information about polygamous households, but it would be good to know if identical twin sisters make good polygamous wives.

North America has about 75 million women of marriageable age, and about 750,000 of them will be pairs of identical twins. If 1 percent of twin sisters are prepared to take polygamy seriously, this would make 7,500 polygamous households where the wives are twin sisters. The numbers are similar for Europe.

In the future, there could be a town in North America, and another in Europe, where most households consist of a man and twin wives.

Once China and India become rich and well organised, all these figures will be three times higher.

Triplets are about 1 percent of the twin population, so we could see a few households of a man and triplet wives. Think of Big Love with the three wives being triplets.

Or in short, what proportion of polygamous wives are:
Twin sisters


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