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How did you get here?

Ok, someone in a post said how did you stumble here and it made me wonder as far as others .

I`ll share a lil about me. I`m 52 and separated , I have three wonderful grown children. I married at barely seventeen and thought it was forever or at least I was dedicated and thought my partner believed in the same. Only to have that bubble burst ,looking at my partner saying "do I even know him" ?

To make a story short he believes in lies and affairs , I do not, I think and know they destroy .

We stay best friends and parent grown children and will forever I suspect .

I believe strongly in energy, that it moves all, that heart and soul and energy is everything.

As I saw and see many marriages touched by cheating ,I found myself looking at plural relationships along with the fact I find humans are quite touched by domination and submission. Its energy , makeup in people and if people know it they get along better. anyways say hi or share your story please


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