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I would like to know how does a Christian get married in away that is acceptable to the LORD?
I am not concerned about the the traditional way like having a big wedding and a pastor and best men and brides mades,etc.
If this is the way GOD wants it, then that is fine, but what really should be happening in the eyes of the LORD for a man and woman to be married??

some people have claimed to marry themselves by speaking the vows/commitments to each other in their own home.
Some have had a friend help them the vows/commitments.

Does anybody now the rock solid truth about what makes 2 people married in GODs eyes?
The Bible say that what GOD has joined together, let no man seperate,
How does GOD join a man and woman together, does anybody know the truth??

I believe I have found my 1st wife and she feels the same way and we are in a journey together to honour the LORD and be together and i want to know how do we get married when the time comes in a pleasing way to the LORD instead of getting cought up in possibly mans way of marriage,etc.

I would be grateful for help someone has.
GOD Bless you all


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