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Within a few months a few retreats will be taking place at various locations in the United States. At times men who deeply love the Lord and their family struggle with how to help their beloved lady to relax with the idea of polygyny. Sometimes after many intellectual debates, logical discussions over many biblical texts, and heart felt expressions between a man and woman some ladies are still not at peace with the subject and even some men still are unsure as to how to proceed in a mature and responsible way.

This can often be the case because of being isolated from others who can actually be an aid in helping encourage both the man and woman in their faith. God designed the faith to where people need people. We were never designed to be alone or to live in seclusion from others. Even God lives and relates to himself as a community being.

Therefore, a Biblical Families Retreat can be a time for men and women to meet face to face with others who can be an encouragement to the family, even to those who are considering and struggling with the idea itself. We see the importance of relationships in the flesh (face to face; physical contact) stressed throughout all of the Bible, especially in the NC scriptures. Even Christ himself, the Son of God, takes upon himself human flesh so that humans can relate to him (John 1:1-14).

Biblical Families retreats are a time of worship. In worship people come before God in his presence through the teaching of the word, through relationships being established, through singing, through prayer together, through time interacting with other families, and through often the scenic nature or the surrounding of the place where the retreat is being hosted. In these times of worship sometimes God will work through the Spirit in the life and heart of someone helping them to relax and be at peace with the Word, and with the truth of biblical marriage. The worship experience in totality can be a great tool to edify and build the union in Christ.



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