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Holy Cussing

One of Cecil’s Bar-room Sermons coming up. :) And don’t worry, it WILL turn out to be a marriage issue. … :o

Long ago and far away (seriously — Guam, early 80s), one of the first movies I ever rented made a huge impression via teaching this somewhat naive and sheltered PK the value of cussing — sorta.

I don’t remembere the title, but the plot was the rather eccentric professor who ends up overseeing the growing love between a rather delightful female, and a rather detatched, cerebral, perhaps arrogant student.

What struck me as so interesting was that the prof told the young man that he wasn’t ready for a REAL relationship until he learned to say,"Son of a B….!" correctly. He then proceded to make him practice saying it, rather unsuccessfully. Of course, the movie resolves once he learns to say it right and in so doing comes into touch with his true feelings, then successfully gets the girl.

What does that little trip down memory lane have to do with much of anything, much less marriage?

Well, the Bible DOES say to get angry and sin not. And our Example, Jesus, DID use some fairly colorful language on certain folks. Which brought me to a thought … (Didja read the post on Anger / Submission Comparison?)

Perhaps this is an equally true statement: To cuss is easy. (Just let your temper take over. Any 2 year old can essentially do it, complete with kicking heels, and lots of attention getting noise.) But to cuss at the right time, at the right person, for the right reason, and to the right degree? This is not so easy.

"Sounds logical. Any hints as to who and when and what the right time might be?" Well, as a matter of fact …

The devil is one sorry lying SOB. That’s pretty much all he brings to the table. Not much else, truth to tell. He’s a defeated foe. He’s subject to being cast out by any, ANY, believing Christian. He comes not except to steal, kill, and destroy. His works, including sickness and even DEATH, are subject to be…


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