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We are from north Texas, lol. Anyway, my wife and I are Christians, then baptist. We both went to church as kids. We go to church alot now, we have learned so much. We have been thinking about plural marriage, I have done a in-depth Bible study. I pray that, I put as much time into all my Bible studies. I found that old Testament and New Testament, allows it… The closest thing that my church can say against it is that, we are to follow mans law. Render unto Caesar. They tried, alot of things, if they don’t want to, then they should not practice plural marriage. What gets me is that I know that if, a man came with two wifes they would say get rid of all but one and repent. Which is what one should do if the Bible said it was a sin. So, the Church, would say disregard That Jesus said it is a sin to divorce, and remarry, no where does it say-JUST- it is a sin to marry again. In Mat. 25:1-13, is about the Rapture, but EVERY WORD form Jesus was ordained by God the Father, before Creation. So, we have come to the belief that it is allowed by the Bible. We have talked, prayed, prayed, and prayed some more about it. I do not want to lead my family astray. I read a the Bible, where any said, that it said that it WAS allowed, but not any more, I can not find it. I prayed every day that God would illuminate the Scripture, and lead me to find His truth about it, or even bring someone from our church to, show us. He did… Even while telling me, how wrong it is, every one said "the Scripture is the only true Authority." Our last Sunday morning Bible study was about that very thing, that the Scripture is the only true Authority, and not to follow Man made religious regulations, to go to the Scripture for proof. I asked the question, "Do baptist consider king David, to be a sinner for all the wifes that he had or just the one" I know that you know the answer.{In todays times, yes we do}. My response was, That’s not what my Bible, says. I know th…


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