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Hello, Ever since I became a housewife 7 years ago, I’ve really decided that polygamy/bigamy makes sense in so many ways.

Being a housewife all alone is lonely, tedious, frustrating, and overwhelming. With more women around to converse with and share all the duties, homemaking and childrearing might actually be enjoyable.

Everyone has different strengths in different areas, for example one woman might enjoy cooking more than others, another woman’s satisfaction might be found in cleaning, a third woman might have work well with children. Sharing and distributing duties would make housekeeping so much more enjoyable with other women to work alongside with, and have people to talk to.

My personal strengths are cleaning and organizing, and OCCASIONALLY working with children. But being alone with children 24/7 has not been my cup of tea. I need more adults, more helping hands, more interactional variety to raise my children. I believe in the old adage, ‘Many hands make light work."

I think it’s natural for men to want to be with many different women, but social customs have required that men repress that natural desire. I support the polygamist lifestyle. I think it’s what God intended.


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