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Hello from SC

Hello all. SeekingGrace is my wife of 8 years, some of you may know her.
Well anyway she has been telling me about BF for the past few weeks so I
figured I may as well get on here myself. I’m 29 and have been saved for almost
10 years now. I accepted the validity of polygyny basically from the first time I
read through the Bible (again about 10 years ago) but never thought
it would realistically be the case in my life. It seems that God has different
plans though, He has brought our family on quite a journey of enlightenment
In the past few months. I have seen the benefits of this lifestyle to all parties inolved
pretty much from the time our second child was born but never really thought my wife would come to accept it. I have a fairly demanding job, a family and also
a few hobbies so I may not be on here every day as some are, but feel free
to ask me anything you would like and I will answer A.S.A.P.
Thanks and I look forward to meeting you all.


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