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I have been very lonely because I seemed to understand the Bible better than everyone. I am not proud to make that statement. It is just that people would not be willing to accept what the scriptures plainly say. I thought I do not know the Bible very well and need to know it better, there must be someone who can teach me.

I really prayed to find a woman who I can talk about scripture with, because no one seemed to understand me. I have been very lonely looking for someone.

I was almost completely certain that polygamy was not directly forbidden anywhere in scripture. But I was not sure if it was directly stated to be allowed, although I felt it probably states that it is allowed somewhere since it is too big a question for God to leave unanswered and it was certainly not directly forbidden in decent English translations that I have seen.

After being on this site only a little while I found the answer to my question. Polygamy is allowed in the scripture.

I finally found people, who I can talk about the Bible with and who I can understand and be understood by. I feel that I finally have people who are able to teach me more about the Bible, just like I have been praying for.

Even though I am not yet married I do not feel lonely anymore since I found people I could relate to.

I am very thankful for this website.

I am probably not looking to get married until at least 2012 for financial reasons, but if God provides the means and the woman or women I would have no problem getting married earlier.

Being lonely I developed a very bad habit of spending to much time on the internet, just looking for someone who I could relate to.

So right now I am trying to overcome my bad habit. I might just post once a week or so, because I am busy working on my Thesis.

So everyone feel free to send me emails if you want to talk to me about anything. But I might just try to do emails on personal matters non-school/non-work related matters once a week or so.

And especially feel free to send m…


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