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Gold Diggers

Here is another personal poly dilemma. When I first got married, I had potential but not many accomplishments due to my young age. I never even gave the slightest thought to the existence of gold diggers. Many years have passed, and now I am considering the possibility of a second wife, and am very concerned about gold diggers. The problem being this – I have a lot of accomplishments, and they are very public – business and property interests. It is blatantly obvious to any potential second wife that I am wealthy. And my original wife, who is not even slightly materialistic, is quite rightly concerned that the wealth that she and our children have is going to be lost to some sweet young thing who sees a pot of gold. And it sort of ties into another post I made about asking the father of the bride for his daughter’s hand. To somehow overcome his litany of objections to polygamy, I thought I would outline my proven achievements in life. But then I am practically saying "I am gold, dig here". Any thoughts or suggestions?


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