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From Russia with Love!

Hello Biblical Families! :)

I am Glenn and my fabulous wife is Elena. We have enjoyed reading your wonderful posts, and there are many we continuing to read. We have a fabulous, rock solid marriage of 14 years, and we have a beautiful 2 year 8 month son. :) We thought that we had a fertility problem, but it ended up being a minor problem. I met my wife in Russia in 1995, and our toddler speaks mostly Russian because he will be heavily exposed to English when he goes to school unless we home school him. We hope to have another child next year. We have no family remaining in America after tragically losing my mother last June who lived with us during our 14 year marriage. She was as close to my wife as me, and losing her left a huge gap in our lives. We never thought about PM until losing her, and this is when we discovered your site. Since last August, I began exploring many Russian dating sites similar to the way I did the first time when I went to Russia in 1995, but I did not meet my wife in Russia through any type of agency. Our unexpected meeting in Russia is quite a story, and I thank God we met. :) Though many Russians are not open to PM, we found a terrific Russian girl (very similar to us), and my wife and I often speak with her by phone and Skype. It already feels like she’s a part of our family. :) It’s been an interesting journey, and now we have to decide if we will truly take this PM step. We are praying hard and with time and patience, we should know the answer. Could you please help us with a couple of starter questions? One, health insurance. Do PM people purchase a separate plan? I am a teacher, and I cannot add a second wife to our health plan. Maybe in the future this will change? Second, children. Do PM children keep their parents lifestyle a secret, especially as they become older? I could not allow anyone in my profession to know about PM as it could be risky to my career. I’m not worried about churches, as I’m sure that we c…


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