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Hi all,
For those who don’t know me well, I became a christian about 6 years ago on my own. I have never attended church services of any type. Years ago I simply began to feel a longing inside for something more and came to the realization it was a relationship with my Heavenly Father that I was missing. I began reading the bible on my own as well as various bible studies to try and come to an understanding of what being a christian meant. In 2005 I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior. Not long after, I came to a belief in plural marriage simply from reading the bible and realizing that it is an accepted type of marriage and the fact that there has never been any scripture to condemn it (and please don’t start with Mark 10:7 because it does not speak against polygamy in my opinion! LOL).
I have heard many of your stories about being shut out of fellowship and various churches because of your beliefs, and this has always kept me from even joining a church and attending. Over the years it has never truly bothered me that I don’t attend church with others, often my husband and I will have biblical discussions (he has not attended church for years but used to be very involved so he has a lot of knowledge), I read the bible as much as possible and I was doing some home bible study courses for the past few years provided by the world church of God until I ran into some things in one of their studies I did not agree with (surprisingly, the study’s topic was marriage and family! LOL). I guess it wasn’t until the last couple months that I have started to want something more in my faith. I have been to two BF retreats and my favorite part is the group fellowship and worship, especially the singing and Doc’s awesome prayers. It makes me happy to be able to worship with others, and I have been wanting that more and more as of late. So much so that I am considering just walking into a local christian church and going to services so I can get more of the same. I guess my m…


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