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My situation is that my husbands 1st wife left him for no reason, and he married me, I believe that he has two wives in the Lords eyes, according to the scriptures. I am having huge problems with feeling the Lord is against us, and wants me to leave him. I have a son with him and a daughter on the way. It is incredibly depressing for me, and I am unable to function sometimes because of it. I have to know that I am in God’s will as his second wife, and am equally important. It seems clear to me from scripture a man may have two wives, and because he did not put her away, then he is not guilty of adultery. But it seems that all my questions come from the fact that our laws do not allow him to have two wives, and so I am a replacement and therefore he is committing adultery. He wont say out and out he would take her back if she repented, just that there would have to be alot of discussion if she ever did want to come back. Meanwhile I feel I cant go forward in God’s will, I think I am fighting God alot of the time, trying to maintain that he can have two wives. Does anyone else here go through this, am I wrong in our relationship, it just doesnt seem to go away, no matter how many times I pray about it.!

In Christ


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