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Father of the Bride

Okay, this is the bit I really struggle with. Being a bit old-fashioned, I feel I must obtain consent of the bride to be’s father before popping the question. This was terrifying for me as a young fellow, but I did it nonetheless. I approached it from the moral position that if the father said no, then the whole thing would be off until I could somehow persuade him. Reason being that consent and authority are very important to me. Many years ago, I made a nerve-wracking special trip to my proposed bride’s rural residence (they lived a long distance away), waited until the right moment, then asked if I could marry his daughter. After a bit of general discussion and an evening walk with both parents, he and his wife said yes, and I ran off and asked my wife to marry me. Fortunately she said yes and 17 years and 7 children later we are still together.

So my dilemma is this – what father in a modern western culture is going to consent to his daughter becoming someone’s second wife (let alone third etc)? I really struggle to see it happening. And yet for me anyway, if a woman’s father is opposed to the practice, I really would not like to create rebellion; it would just be a no go for me.

Has anyone here actually asked the father of their polygamous bride for consent? How did it go?


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