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Family support…

You might be surprised to find that some individuals in your family will offer support…

I was pleasantly surprised by my oldest sister today. I had emailed her to inform her of my new cell phone number. She replied asking me what I had been up to. Since I had not communicated with her recently I gave her an explanation of the two main causes I am participating in…Polygyny…its legal status and religious acceptance. She knows I am not a Mormon, but I sent her a link to the news of bigamy being challenged in Texas as a part of my reply to her.

I received this reply:

Hi Mark,

I am not a fan of the Mormon church but I don’t think polygamy should be illegal. I have an issue with our culture and a question.
Why are there 5-7 women my age for every man? Were 5-6 of the 7 meant to be alone?
None of this makes sense to me…I don’t think this is God’s way…

I am proud of you for using your mind, thinking outside of the box and standing up for what you believe…


I edited out portions that were not pertinent to this topic but everything was positive.


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