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Christ’s Sacrifice, hidden in the very word "Torah"

Mark Harpt

The word "torah" or "law" (Strong’s #8451) refers to the Old Testament, and can specifically refer to the first five books written by Moses. One of the most enlightening events of a Christian’s life is the moment he or she discovers that Jesus Christ is interwoven into the entire Old Testament. It is said that Jesus can be found on every page of the Old Testament. Well He can also be found before you even open the book!


The Hebrew word "towrah" is translated "law" or "Torah" in the English language. Much is lost in the translation, as they say. To understand what is lost, we must first realize that each character of the Hebrew language has a meaning. The word "Torah" is split up by character (Hebrew is read right to left) as follows:

Tav) Literal Meaning: a sign, a cross Symbolic Meaning: a covenant, to seal
(Vav) Literal Meaning: nail Symbolic Meaning: "and", to add, to secure
(Reysh) Literal Meaning: head Symbolic Meaning: person, the head, the highest
(Hey) Literal Meaning: window, fence Symbolic Meaning: "the", to reveal

If the meanings of each letter in the word "Torah" are combined to make a sentence, an amazing truth is revealed:
Tav + Vav + Reysh + Hey = a cross, nail, the head, window
"Head" means "the highest" as in "the head of the household."
"Window" means "to see clearly" or "to reveal" as in "a window to your soul."

So, the combined meaning of the letters of the Hebrew word "Torah" are:

[To] a cross, [is] nail[ed], the highest, is revealed [in the Torah].
The Torah reveals the King of Kings, nailed to a cross.

Or if you want to keep the literal "head" for Reysh, you get:

Nailed to a cross, at his head, it is revealed
Matthew 27:37, "Above his head they placed the written charge against him: THIS IS JESUS, T…


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