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Greetings from England.

I came across your forum recently, and I think it is very good.

Here is a potential problem that was brought to my notice by one of the newspapers here. There is a man in Yorkshire (north England) who has been living with a German woman for some years, but without formalising the marriage. ie no marriage certificate. They have a daughter. Recently, they tried to get her a passport, so the family could travel. But they were told that, as her mother is not legally married to the father, she does not qualify for British citizenship. According to the law, the girl has her mother’s nationality (German). The father now has to get British citizenship for his daughter, at a cost of £500, so she can have a British passport.

Here in England, this is a problem that could easily come up, as we are close to Europe, and part of the European Union. We also get many people coming here from both within and outside the EU–to work, or as students. I’ve known some personally. For example, I once knew a female student from faraway Mongolia! We didn’t have a romance, though.

If you are in an unlicensed marriage with someone not a citizen of your country, you need to find out what the citizenship of any children you have, may be.


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