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So I think polygamy is probably okay but I’m still not quite sure.

I am not necessarily saying that dating/courting is the best way to find a wife. There are other methods like matchmaking, "mail order" bride sites, and arranged marriages.

Sometimes people think it is only okay to talk to one woman about marriage at a time?

If you consider polygamy okay, is it okay to talk to multiple women at the same time who you might consider marrying? Or would women who believe in polygamy still consider it offensive to talk to court or discuss marriage with two women at the same time. Are you expected to only pursue one woman at a time and then after getting your first wife you can pursue one more women?

For instance let’s say you are on a polygamy matrimony site and there is one woman that you are fairly certain she is the one you want to marry the most and she is interested in marrying you, is it okay to talk to the other woman on the site, or do you only talk to her, until you have married her. Then wait until you know you are ready for a second wife, and then look for the second wife.

After you get your first wife, is the process to find a second different. Like are the wive(s) usually okay with you asking another woman out who you have just met right in front of them, because they know you are looking for an extra wife. Or do they consider it flirting because I am quite sure it is still wrong to look at the potential marriage candidate with lust, until you have her as an extra wife? For instance if a woman believes in Monogamy and her husband is at a restaurant and he likes the waiter and asks her phone number the wife will get offended. But if your wife believes in polygamy would she never get offended if you did something like that unless she saw you were lusting after the woman?

Do these questions make sense or do I need to word them better?


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