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Consider me extremely nuts. My wife has waited twenty-two years for me to find the Grace of God and become saved. She is a true living angel married to a deranged lunatic battling her 24 7 about her crazy religious beliefs. Praise God for giving me such a women. She has spoken to me about PM and I hadn’t really given it any thought until recently. Now that I have been looking in to PM the constant question that keeps popping in my head is, am I spoiled with my wife now that no others will be a good fit to our relationship? So often it seems like men marry a second wife and there is complete chaos with children from a prior marriage, ex husband trouble etc. We really want an addition to our family that we both would get along with not me introducing her to someone she doesn’t like, doesn’t know. I really feel finding this second wife should be joint effort and she is very receptive of this plan. Is it rude to only pursue a women that would be that fit to us? Ultimately the best thing that could happen is being in a PM where if anyone of the family was to pass the other two could go through the grieving together and continue to live as a family. We would never want two separate homes. We agree a family lives under one roof.

It this wrong to think this way? Or shouldn’t we live that way?



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