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I have been around Plural Marriage all my life and have noticed some thing. People are scarred! I mean really scarred, like there is some big PM Boogey man. Hiding around every corner. I understand people are afraid of police and don’t want to go to jail. I often wander why practise PM if you are going to run hide and be scarred. To me when you live in secret it puts stress on the family. I have found the people who do not live in secret, the ones who have less to hide are the ones who are able to live their lives with out worry. This attitude reminds me of when I was a child and people were almost ashamed to say they were a Christian. I think people should be ready to defend what they believe even if it lands them in jail. God is not ashamed of you! Isn’t that all that counts? When we hide and are always in secret about what we do then the world sees what we do as a bad thing. Of course we won’t be popular with the public and I doubt we ever will be! Legal or not! At least we will know we lived our lives with out fear. Christ was not very popular, you can bet on that! He did how ever live his life openly according to the word of his Heavenly father. As we all know it led to his death, but in his death came life! Life ever lasting that each one of us through him can be saved! I do not live my life in secret and I am willing to go through hard ships for it. Just like two US Senators have told me "If you live openly and Plural Marriage that you live isn’t involving minors or cults we do not see why people have a problem, beyond there own morals." But like I have told them what morals do we live by any more? When sex is advertised every where even on public access. When it is legal for a 12 year old girl to model see through clothes or even nude in the name of "Art" and that’s ok with our government, but not a man who has more then one wife? Who are the government to define morals? This is the same government who promote abortions all the way untill…


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