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Biblical Marriage . . .

. . . We were having a conversation at home fellowship last night about a new approach to identification when it came to beliefs regarding plural marriage. We were wondering if maybe a better definition would be "Biblical Marriage".

-the phrases "christian polygamy","christian polygyny", "Bible polygamy/polygyny" and even "christian plural marriage" come pre-loaded with negatives built in to the phrasology. In other words, when people see or hear these phrases, the first response is often negative. The phrase "Biblical Marriage" does not.
-"Biblical Marriage" is a better phrase than "covenant marriage", because the first implies the second. Also, "covenant marriage" is used by a number of ministries and modern churches as a definition for "christian marriage", as opposed to secular marriage.
-"Biblical Marriage" is a better definition than "Christian Marriage", because even the latter has an implied definition of traditional monogamy-only.
-"Biblical Marriage" is a better term than "traditional marriage", as that phrase has political baggage associated with it, and also implies monogamy-only.
-"Biblical Marriage" as a doctrine covers the entire definition of marriage in its accepted Biblical norms of celibacy, monogamy and polygyny.
-"Biblical Marriage" as a definition sets itself in opposition to unbiblical ideas such as polyandry, polyamory, and homosexual unions.
-"Biblical Marriage" by definition clearly marks itself as decidedly different in doctrine, function and purpose of marriage as presented by various branches of Mormonism and other groups.
-"Biblical Marriage" fits in wonderfully with the idea, concept and terminology of "Biblical Families".

By using the term "Biblical Marriage" in conversation and in writing, it forces the receiver to ask "Just what is mea…


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