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August 2010 Newsletter

Greetings Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

We are very pleased to share with you this month some exciting new developments at Biblical Families, and we expect that this is only the beginning of many new opportunities for us to be of service to you. Let’s get right to it:

New Staff Members
First and foremost, we’d like to welcome our two new members of the ministry team here at Biblical Families; we are very blessed to have them on board, and are very happy God sent them to be a part and to be of service to you – as our Resident Bible Scholars. These gentlemen are able to offer much more in terms of the written case for Biblical Marriage then we ever could before, and we think you’ll find them a great asset as you make your case for your beliefs with others.

Please welcome:
Dr. K.R. Allen has served as a pastor for many years within various evangelical churches. He earned his Master of Arts degree in theology and Doctor of Theology in Apologetics and Systematic Theology; He has served also as a professor of theology in two evangelical seminaries. Furthermore, he has authored and published several theology works. Along with pastoral and professor responsibilities Dr. Allen has also served on various religious and family ministry boards. Besides his passion for writing, teaching, and making disciples he loves the outdoors.
Dr. C.V. Raegean received his PhD in Theology from one of the most recognized evangelical seminaries in America today. His service as pastor at New Hope Baptist Church and Grace Community Bible Fellowship has given him a professor’s head but a pastors’ heart. He also served as the chief counselor at A.M.O.J.C. for marriages in ministry and has currently accepted a scholar residency at Biblicalfamilies.org.
Doc, Nathan, Todd remain on staff as well – we are currently enjoying the opportunity to consider new ministry options with the expanded team, and look forward to seeing what God has next for Biblical Families. We have too many ideas, and not enoug…


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