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Theopedias page on polygamy is blank. Anyone want to work with me to put a comprehensive polygamy page together and post it?

I was thinking we’d start by defining it and weeding out polyandry and open marriage, then move onto something along the lines of a history section. Start with numerous Old Testament references, then a section detailing its decline citing asceticism (With references to Tretullian) and cultural integration (with references to Augustine and perhaps some others) as the reasons. Then a few Church council references, reference to R. Gershom’s decree, then move on to the Reformation. Cite Luther’s tolerance in passing but don’t push it, cite Ochino, cite Anabaptist Munster, Cite Madan, then mention Joseph Smith as deviating from the Christian polygamist norm by making it a virtue instead of something that’s just allowed. Next we get into the missionary\divorce issue and perhaps then we’d add some contemporary references, but I’d really need help thinking of the best ones of those to site.

Next a criticism section where we’d do our best to properly represent the opposition and counter them concisely, something along the lines of

‘Critics of Polygamy cite Christs teachings on divorce against polygamy saying that if someone divorced may not re-marry without committing adultery how then could a man be allowed many wives without it too being considered adultery. Polygamy advocates reply that Christ was teaching specifically about divorce, and if he had meant to oppose polygamy he would have had to do it outright, as his audience allowed it.’

Then probably spend a little more time on the ‘polygamy harms women’ criticism citing Madans work and Martha Huges Cannon and Carnicoss’s ‘After Polygamy Became a Sin’ as evidence of monogamy being set up in mens favour. Then perhaps finish up dealing with the legal aspect of it or something like that.

I think it might be fun to have a wiki kind of page like that even if it did get eliminated, Biblical Families at large…


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