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Hello everybody! I managed to cut down on the pages in my paper by changing the format just a tad: I single-spaced instead of double spaced. Hopefully that will help.

The name of my paper is "An Examination of Three Family Forms". Here it begins:

Supporting families requires understanding them: their settings, forms, elements, challenges, and benefits. Dorothy Holin Sailor published “Supporting Children in Their Home, School, and Community” in 2004 as a resource for Family Life Education students. Sailor addresses basic concepts of family life, including eight family forms: the nuclear family, the single-parent family, the blended family, the teen parent family, the foster family, the adoptive family, the kinship-care family, and the homosexual family. Sailor briefly explains each family form, exploring their structures, challenges, and strengths. This paper explores Sailor’s analysis of the single parent and homosexual family forms, and one form Sailor does not examine, the polygynous family, and offers a personal perspective on the book’s content and my application to the FLE field.


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