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I wish to propose an alternative take on the verse which goes more or less as follows: "Whom God hath brouht together, let no man put asunder". Usually this is taken to be a prohibition of divorce. But the first half of it suggests more. "Who God hath brought together…" God, it seems, acts as a kind of matchmaker, arranging circumstances in such a way that we get to meet our ideal partner. If we let Him, that is. This reminds me of a jewish story about a n old and wise rabbi, and his young disciple. The younger man was a bit of a puritan. He asked the master, of all the things God does, what is it that gives Him most satisfaction? The rabbi answered straightaway "Acting as matchmaker, bringing man and woman together." The young man was horrified. "God would never soil his hands with such activity, surely? The older man smiled, and said, "If you understand this, wou will understand the whole of Torah".

Of course it cannot be said that all couples were brought together by God. If you pick up a girl at a night club, get her pregnant, and then marry her, was it God Who brought you together? At a nightclub? So the prohibition on separation and divorce presumably wd not apply here. But then, perhaps God would not approve of your going to nightclubs in the first place.



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