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June 2010 Newsletter

Greetings Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

Hello, friends! Summer is just days away, and so is our big summer retreat, which remains our big news for this month – less than 3 weeks away, July 2nd-4th. It is not too late to request info and make your plans. Most families who are confirmed are planning to stay an extra night to the 5th, and we are very excited about the extra time for fellowship. This North Carolina mountain retreat is centrally located for everyone in the Eastern US (you westerners are welcome too!) We have multiple lodging options, and plenty to do for the children, and some interesting special sessions planned. Remember, we don’t post details here or online, you need to drop us a note at: retreats@biblicalfamilies.org to get the info, and ask questions. In last month’s newsletter we had more info on what makes the retreats so special, if you missed that, you can find it here.

That’s all of our news this month, as we are busy planning and praying for this event – please pray for those coming, and ask God if maybe you should still try to make it!

Thoughts on Family, by ‘Doc’

I was thinking about family and the future this week. As a child, my father and mother ran a honky-tonk, complete with blasting jukebox, pool tables and smoke hanging halfway in the air at all times. My mother passed away when I was seven, and my father, barely making ends meet trying to raise three boys, sought companionship and motherly help in a long succession of live-in girlfriends. In my teen years, he finally decided that we three boys would be better off living on a farm with his parents. All three of us graduated high school living under our grandparent’s roof.

The reason I share this is because my situation is not dissimilar to any number of people out there. When we were growing up, in many ways, we should have been considered damaged goods. We often joke that we didn’t just grow up on the other side of the tracks, we grew up ON the tracks (the train would go …


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